Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Memories of the year.(sigh)

I can't believe one year has passed since I had my little Tevin. This is a gushy one so be prepared. Last year at this time I had checked into the hospital to have Tevi. I was started early because of my diabetes and was so excited and scared that he was soon on his way. The night consisted of small contractions until early in the morning. I was apparently not cooperating as usual so the good doctors helped a bit. I was soon progressing a little too fast and holding out for the epidural. I waited a little to long and within minutes I had the epidural and a full emergency medical team taking me in for an emergent c-section with Tevin in trouble. He was born within half an hour and was perfect. I remember holding him and looking in those amazing little eyes and it was like we had known each other forever. I believe that was the most incredible moment in my life. The last year has had plenty of changes but none that I regret. Tevin is amazing every day. With each new tooth, smile, giggle, gesture, step, and sound I can't wait to walk into his room and have him reach for me and give me a kiss and a snuggle every day. He is such a blessing to our family and has such a gentle and giving spirit. He is my sunshine, just like our favorite song. Mommy loves you Tevy! XOXOXO

Tevin's First Birthday!

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Hogle Zoo 2008 for Tevin's Birthday!

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Horsey, horsey!

These crazy kids have been challenging each other to see who could keep going as the horse. Dahlia was the winner as you can clearly see. She is a strong one!

Yeah Utah!

Dahlia and Tristan just did their program at their school to celebrate Utah. They did some cute songs in which Tristan played the maracas under protest (but did a great job) and did the electric slide, and Dahlia did a dancing routine with a group. They both were fantastic and I was so proud of them!

Summer Days!

The kids have been outside playing a lot lately. They have so much fun in the water and Tevin has become quite the little fish! The kids are so good to take him along wherever they go that he is sure he is as big as they are. He started walking about three weeks ago and there's no stopping him now! I'm trying to learn how to you tube to show his cute little walk. He spreads his legs wide for balance and man is he fast! Not quite as fast as his ability to slide down multiple levels of stairs in seconds, but pretty fast. This is a few pics of them playing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I have had good Mother's days before but this will undoubtedly go down as the best! The kids were all here and it was so nice to be together. We opened some gifts. Got some great capri's, cards, and a painting from Diane of the kids. I think the best gift was time together as a family to take a family picture and get some hugs and kisses. We were off to Grandma's for lunch and to take Maddie back after her birthday weekend with Dahlia. Aunt Jennie made Aussie chicken, and Uncle Brandon cooked. Bosco and the kids did a little baseball. Uncle Lane, Aunt Cally, and Brian played with kids and dogs and caught some Jazz fever! The babies had so much fun and we got to go take lilacs to the cemetery. Such a nice day together.