Friday, April 25, 2008

April 25th

Today is a big day! Today is Bosco's birthday, my celebration of life day from my accident, and Diane's celebration of not being an 8th grade cheerleader and have to sacrifice the 24th of July and an extra two hours of sleep a day. We are pretty happy today so we decided to go the park with grandma and Maddie who came to visit. We had a good time! We're going to eat some birthday strawberry shortcake now! Yum!

Right Now

Right now Diane is trying out for the Cheer Team. I think I'm definitely more nervous. She is so great and has such a positive attitude! Keep your fingers crossed. I think I have everything on my body crossed and a few million prayers in for my daughter to come out happy! Keep you posted!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy Big Boy!

Tevin has found an enormous amount of energy and has been very busy lately. He has enjoyed fresh strawberry smoothies on the grass. Discovered he hates grass to touch his legs, but will crawl all over it with pants on. The babysitter has a great big blow up jumping house and slide and that is right up his alley. Tevin is a monster in there! He was so cute after getting dressed for church last Sunday I had to take a picture. All the kids are so great with him that Tristan laid down with him so I could get ready yesterday morning. You can see that Tev wanted to lay on top of him sound asleep, not on the side and Tristan sweetly obliged. Tev has also learned how to stand on his own this week, no steps independently yet, but will stand in the tub, couch, ground, anywhere he can try. Fearless this one!

Cool Grandma Guilbert!

We just love our Grandma! She recently redecorated her back room after her love of Hawaii. I took a few pictures to show it off for her. She is so talented and great to all of us! We love you grandma!

Tristan's Space Derby First Place!

Tristan and I had a great time making his rocket for the space derby. After googling it to figure out how to make a rubber band motor we were off! (Who knew men are freakishly obsessed with this thing as we found out on many google sites) We shaved it down with a potatoe peeler and sanded, and painted and sanded again, tilted our wings at an angle for extra lift, oiled the rubber bands, and we were ready for race day! He won three out of three races and was first out of 29 rockets. Needless to say he was pretty excited, and thought it was pretty cool that my girl scout and grandpa learned skills came in pretty handy! We labeled it Mr. T as grandma nicknamed him at Disneyland. It was super cool!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tevin's Spring Finds!

Tevin had his first popsicle. First he went to grab the whole popsicle with both hands. He has now learned the joy of the stick at the end keeping your hands from freezing. He has also developed a love for the wonderful---VANILLA WAFER--as you can see by the one he licked and glued to his cheek for later. He is such a fast crawler that now I wonder if he will learn to walk as early as we thought. He has learned his knees get him everywhere and is a serious master of stairs. He also got on the mini motorcycle with dad today and refused to get off. He would keep holding on until daddy took him again. He had a great time and this may be the child Bosco has dreamed of loving to ride! Dally was just loving the sunshine!

Finally Spring!

Well, this weekend has been busy yet again! Diane had another competition at Roy High School and did incredible. She added a few flips to her rally as she entered the floor so she was hot stuff today! We're still anxiously awaiting cheer tryouts. Her mom got to come see her today so that was really fun and then we all went to lunch at Wingers. It's always nice to get together. It's very warm today so we also got to spend a little much needed time outside and I straightened the garage a little that that Grandma had so wonderfully cleaned when I had Tevin. I hope to get out a little more and maybe work on the lawn. Just a great day!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

More cuteness!

There's just to much to tell so I'll let the pictures do it. The kids wanted some action shots so here they are!

LDS Conference Weekend

On Saturday Diane had a Cheer Competition at the E Center in Salt Lake. We got to go watch her perform and she did great, just like always. She's on pins and needles as she prepares to try out for her school cheerleading team on April 25th. We know she'll be great. We made it back home on Saturday and everyone got to relax and watch a little conference. On Sunday we got out the Conference Packets Aunt Jennie sent to us and the kids loved doing them and got a lot more out of the conference than usual. (So did mommy with the little ones busy watching. Thanks Aunt Jennie!) The kids enjoyed getting to know the new Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and all about his life. During the afternoon break we made a trip to the park in Layton. They fed the ducks and played on the playground. While mommy was sitting taking pictures she got splattered by segul poop of course-can you believe it! The kids thought it was the funniest, so I guess it was worth it. We made shish-ka-bobs after the afternoon session and some pineapple upside down cake. They helped with everything and we really had a great time together! Love them to pieces, now you know why I call them forever smiles. The smiles they give me stick with me forever and ever!

Tevin's firsts!

Tevin has had a lot of fun recently. He is starting to eat some table food which he is certain makes him a big boy. He has this new thing with clicking his tongue when he gets around, growling to daddy like a lion, turning his eyes down and his head up when he looks at you (so cute it's a personal favorite), and he has learned how to kiss on the lips! What a guy and a pretty good kisser if you like a lot of slobber. He also had his first beaters from mixing brownies and wasn't so sure at first but then he realized the stuff is good! He had his first swing in the big boy swing and visited the ducks. He has his two upper front teeth and one trying to come in at the bottom so that will make five. He turned 10 months on the 3rd and he's our little BUDHA! We all just eat him up. The giggle would melt you in a flash.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Diane's Birthday

Diane just turned the big 13!! I keep telling her I'm so glad she's a giggly overly talkative teenager! This year she had the big girl birthday and got to go to the mall and shop for her own birthday clothes, and boy can this girl shop! Grandma, Aunt Jennie, Maddie, Brynee, and Emmie came to visit for the occasion so it was a real girls day. Di had a cake with 13 candles and had her favorite dinner of roast and potatoes. Of course I couldn't resist turning the potatoes a lovely green for the St. Patrick's day birthday girl! Tev thought the candle was a hit and is looking forward to his birthday. They sure grow up fast!

Happy Easter!

Tevin and Mommy went to Grandma Guilbert's for Easter. Diane and Tristan went to Pocatello to be with Mommy Irene and Dahlia went to Arizona to visit Mommy Kim. Everyone had a great time! Tevin got to celebrate at his first Easter Egg Hunt and as you can see he really liked the candy and blue colored lips from the Easter Eggs! The kids even shared with Maya the dog. Tevin has lots of cousins to play with and keep him busy. Aunt Marilyn and Cousins Jessie and Cheryl came to visit from California and Tev had fun getting to know them. We had a huge picnic and a great visit at Grandma's yet again!